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Default 96 g16e Controller Confusion HELP!

Ok here we go.G16e dead.system sol powers up.throttle sensor ohms correct.Pedal switch ok.39.4 pack volts.No motor operation.Hooked up 10ga jumper from batt - to S2 Struck the post with last connection and pow. Touched again OK Then turned on the key and stepped on the pedal it came alive wide open as expected 3 times same thing last time,it kept running when i let off the pedal.Probed other ways with analog volt meter a1 to a2 no voltage pedal down indicating no power from controller.Struck the batt post and POW,Like dead short.Then struck it again nothing like it been charging a capacitor. Hooked it up and nothing for 30 seconds then all the sudden the jumper got hot real fast and melted i got it unhooked quick (no fire ) so I tried a heavy jumper cable again B- of Batt pack to S2 on the motor Key off sol off. Struck the batt post and POW,Like dead it possible that the short is in the controller it`s self? or any other ideas. Thanks. Rick
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