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Originally Posted by LVCJ View Post
Remember it well. Sad the way it ended. Seemed weird and suddenly quite confrontational back then. Don asked a question on the forum, "What does Karma mean to you?" seems then on, .......done. Just very strange.
I remember that thread. I also remember somebody on here calling what he did 'forum suicide'.

All of my dealings with Don were great; I must've been on his good side.

He tried so hard for me to join his new forum, but I politely explained to him that I didn't need to be on two GC forums and that I had to stay loyal to BGW. He totally understood.

One thing worth noting is that we have him to thank for the annual BGW Gift Exchange. He started it back in 2014. I helped him behind the scenes with logistics those first couple years, then took it over for two more once he departed.
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