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Default Re: "83 EZGO Fuel delivery issue

Originally Posted by racin161 View Post
With the piston and cylinder change you did get the piston in right? hole on the intake side. Quick check remove the exh pipe run the piston through and make sure you don't see a port if you do OPPS!! just thinking. Hope it's just the seals we've all been there. Keep us posted.
I've got this sucker torn down to it's skivvies today. Kudos to you guys as the flywheel side CS seal is totally wasted to the point that I found a piece of the seal retainer spring in the crankcase. The kicker is the reason it is junk is because the flywheel side CS bearing is junk. The ball bearings are there but the cage is in pieces. So it turns out my donor engine is a piece of crap but I think I can use the piece of the "block" that I need. I should have just torn it all the way down in the first place......

Anyway, I'm going to now try and use the crankshaft and bearings from my engine (which ran fine before this project) and see if I can make something good out of all this bad. I have a question though. The 2 bearings on the clutch side...should those be on the crankshaft prior to assembling the 2 "halves" or should they be in the housing and then installed on the crank?

Thoughts and comments??
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