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Originally Posted by stevet61 View Post
Changed my line 28 max speed to 8000, then in "Tune" changed to 7900 on line 45, test drive, got up to 40 on a straight stretch of road, felt very stable, I'm running an I40, stock Wanda tires inflated to 29 psi. Disappointed in power usage with this set up, even when doing less than 30 mph my Trogans are draining faster than ever before. Dropper 18% in 5.2 miles. I know faster will use more battery but come on....that's a lot.
That doesn't make any sense to me. The major drain on the batteries is when you're going up hill or carrying a heavy load...not speed.

Just think when you ride a bicycle at high speeds on a flat surface. It doesn't take much energy to coast and barely much more to accelerate. But when you go up a hill, you start sweating and huffing/puffing...or if you're towing a baby carriage behind you. It truly is no different.

Make sure your batteries are truly fully charged and the water level is good.
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