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Default Re: 1984 ezgo 2 stroke?

Originally Posted by fivestarranger View Post
Alright so I plugged up the three oil injection holes with m6x8 bolts. I then mixed 4.5oz of the oil with 3 gallons of gas. New plug and a charged battery and it fired up. It was blowing lots of smoke and had a few good backfires.

Should I have mixed the same oil that is intended for the oil injection into the gas? Or should I have used something closer to dirtbike 2 cycle oil/premix?Do you happen to know what spark plug I should be running? I replaced the old one with a new one of the same type but I'm not sure if it's the correct plug.

Thanks for the help!!
What oil did you use?
I'm thinking 2 cycle oil
not sure about the plug
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