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Default Modifying Governor on G16 & G22

Here is a way to modify your governor to be wide open without having to play around try to figure out how to re align the throttle cables

1- Loosen the 10mm nut if you already have it cranked up , (it need to be stock)

2- Remove the plastic black cover at the back & remove the basket if you still have one

At the lower part of the governor there is a bolt with a 10mm nut you loosen it so you can pry up the governor about 1/4 of an inch of the shaft you will notice that it is D shaped you take a 5/16 drill bit & round up the bracket so it will spin freely on the shaft
Put it back in place
Use a little lock tight or nail polish on the bolt & just tighten it by hand to keep from loosing it
This way you have full throttle no restriction & all runs smooth like before,
Change you oil to synthetic 1 liter of 10w30
Very important don’t hold it to the floor going downhill not to blow it up
Good Luck Cart de Golf

this might work on other models I havent tryed it

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