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Default Re: 1986 Marathon. No power unless muffler removed

Maybe flywheel slipped on the crank???

I had to rebuild a Harley cart a few years ago, Before taking it apart I timed it right on the knats *** over and over but it still wouldn't run right. Come to find out the marks on the flywheel were about 22* off, it didn't slip on the crank but discovered at tdc the flywheel was ON the forward timing mark rather than being centered-ish between the forward and reverse marks. Never did figure out why they were off so much other than it was the wrong flywheel for that engine, maybe different year or whatever??

Yeah, apparently that thing had been through way tooo many cobbler hands before it found me, even the points plate didn't fit right either. It had grinder marks around the edge like it came from some other engine but modified to fit, I had to drill and rat tail file the slots longer to get it to rotate far enough......

Ended up using a degree wheel and mic to punch my own new timing marks on the flywheel, when I got it in true time and after the rebuild it ran very well
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