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Default Re: Looking for a EZ GO ST Front Cowl

Originally Posted by 02809bristol View Post
I'm looking to replace my TXT 97' front cowl with a ST one ? Does anyone have a used one? Will it fit?

Also, if I put a JAKE'S 6" lift kit , what type of Springs/ Shocks should I replace the stock ones with? EZ GO H.D. stock springs?
It will fit, this is my 97 I did. I see some on ebay every now and then. The used ones get snagged up pretty quick, and they seem to sell pretty close to the cost of new unpainted ones. The price really goes up if you get one that has been painted, the un-painted ones are not to bad (under or around $200). The lights (driving and markers) alone are close to $100 for them, so it won't be cheap to do this.

You may want hd springs in the back if your putting on a back seat and they will make the cart more stable when its lifted. I don't fool with springs/shocks untill after I have lifted a cart and see how it rides, but if you have the money, why not get them and do it all.
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