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Default What year is my cart - Serial number Guide for Electric Club Car Golf Carts

What year is my cart - Serial number Guide for Electric Club Car Golf Carts

Serial number guide for 1980 up electric club cars.

The first letter denotes the MODEL, second set of digits is the year and the last set is the week of production. The actual serial number is just a production sequence and doesn't mean anything to us.

Lets break the number down: A8516 would be:

A = "DS Electric Golf Car"
85 would be 1985
16 would be the 16th week of production...So it would be a 1985 DS Electric Golf cart
  • A= DS Electric Golf Car
  • AA= DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt System
  • AB= DS Electric Golf Car, 36 Volt System
  • AC= DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt Regen
  • AQ= Electric I.Q. Golf Car, 48 Volt Regen
  • B= Chassis Only, Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt
  • C= Electric Industrial Vehicle
  • D= Fairway Villager, 4-Passenger Utility Vehicle
  • CQ= Chassis, Indio 48 Volt I.Q. Utility Vehicle
  • E= Carryall II Electric Utility Vehicle
  • EA= Carryall II Electric Pickup Utility Vehicle
  • F= Carryall I Electric Utility Vehicle
  • FA= Carryall I Electric Pickup Utility Vehicle
  • FQ= Villager 4 I.Q. Utility Vehicle
  • H= Turf 1 Electric Utility Vehicle
  • HA= DS Electric 36 Volt Solid State Utility Vehicle
  • JA= Carryall VI Electric Utility Vehicle
  • K= Resort Villager Electric Utility Vehicle
  • L= Limo (8 Passenger) Electric Vehicle
  • LA= Limo Electric, 48 Volt Vehicle
  • LB= Limo Electric, 48 Volt Regen
  • LX = Lynx Hunting Vehicle (Gas & Electric)
  • M= Resort Villager XL Electric Vehicle
  • PQ= Precedent IQ
  • S= Turf 2 Electric Utility Vehicle
  • T= Tourall / Villager 4 Electric Utility Vehicle

EDIT* There is a more complete serial number guide located here. You will need a PDF file viewer.

Please feel free to pm me if you need to add to the list. This guide is for electric club cars only.
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