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Default Re: Charging System Troubleshooting

Originally Posted by Sergio View Post
I don't know the exact meter you have, but terms like "bars" are subjective to the meter type and accuracy.

Most of those meters need to be exposed to the actual charging voltage to reset, typically they don't reset to full until they sense at least 56v for a few minutes.

It should be a 3 wire meter so make sure the correct lead is connected to a constant (not after the key switch) voltage location.

A digital voltmeter and observing the voltage levels I mentioned would be the best way to verify proper charging.

You can disconnect the batteries for 10 minutes and connect them back without the voltage reducer.

Plug the charger and let it finish the cycle, older batteries may require more than one dV/dT "baseline" cycle if the OBC estimate on the next "coulomb count" charge was not accurate.
I just have the generic oem gauge like the 2 other club cars here. 2 wire. I believe one to the controller and one to the solenoid on the same terminal as the pack positive cable

I have driven the cart twice and charged it twice. The batter gauge bars have only gone down never up after charging still and the charger is still putting out about 10amps when I come in.

I would imagine the controller is supposed to unground then ground the gauge causing to reset to full bars.
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