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Default Re: Ezgo PDS upgrade

I wondered about that, any terminal, any polarity?

Well I stole a test ride. Pretty sure we had 3 soft tires, how do I say OMG - it is fast. It accelerates hard. The dog and me were hanging on in mode 3

I set up the FNKS with a soft start in 3 modes of
2.medium and

1. limited to 300 amps
2. limit to 350 amps
3. max peak 460 amps.

1. 30% throttle rate
2. 40% throttle rate
3. 50% throttle rate (this is default)

1. Regen 0- mild
2. mild to strong
3. strong to yikes, skid if turning on hard dirt road and sidestep the gas.

In addition to the 3 modes. Regen has a potentiometer type dial- so you set a low to high range for the regen in each range.... as well as other settings.

Lets just say the dog was okay with mode one but, he was pretty anxious about mode 2 and in mode 3 I had to hang onto his collar... I'll pump up the tires and give it a more serious try tomorrow

Generally the throttle rates have to go down.
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