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Default The Definitive Club Car DS Rotation Guide:

I know it's be asked a million times, but could someone please post the definitive guide, once & for all, for a clone engine swap regarding the CCDS years/models. I have a 1997 CCDS gasser... And couldn't be more confused what will & will not work.

Some posts say the 1997 and up CCDS has a clockwise engine, and yet, an off the shelf clockwise engine at places like Harbor Freight - (i believe i read) cant be used to perform a simple swap? Something to do with the transaxle? Maybe not? This is where you come in. There is a lot of erroneous info out there and i was just hoping someone could end all the confusion. I've spent hours reading and couldn't be any more confused...

1) 1997 & up Club Car ds engine/transaxle rotation direction:
2) 1997 and under engine/axle rotation direction:
3) Standard off the shelf 6.5hp / 18hp / 22hp V-Twin engine rotation:
4) When performing an engine swap, what to consider:
5) In what instances do you need to run forward for reverse?

Please excuse the caps i'm visually impaired...
5) i realize all the gearing info is already out there...
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