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Default New to the game seeking knowledge

Hello All,

We recently got our 96 Club. 48V regen 1. It is totally stock and ready for us to make our own. They are many things that we want to do to it, lift, wheels, tires, paint, back seat, ablitly to power a radio and lights. You know the basics

Now I have tried to look at the pics of all the wonderful carts that are here and other sites. And they all look great, and some are very creative. We just need a cart that does what we want, looks will come with time.

Just a quick insight on where and how we plan on using our cart. We will be keeping it where we have out travel trailer on a seasonal site. The roads are gravel with a few streches of blacktop. The hills are not that steep if we stay on the roads, but there are trails that we are able to go on that are kinda hilly in a few spots.
For the most part it will just be us two on the cart at one time, but would like the ablity to carry 2 extra people on the back or tow a lawn sweeper or yard roller(nothing extremely heavy). maybe a plow for snow removal.
We will also need to be able to have some head lights and tail lights on this cart, a radio and 2 speakers and a horn
Now that I have told you how we plan to use our cart.I have some questions about how we should go about setting this up to meet our needs.

It seems like the first thing we should get is a voltage converter so we can run our 12v items. I have found one on Everything Carts that looks like it would do the job. I like how it wires to the whole battery bank vs just 2 batteries. Am I right in my thinking?

Now for the biggest questions
As far as lifts go I dont need one that you need a ladder to get into the cart. I have seen the spindle lifts and A arm lifts. I have read on another forum that there are some issues with the A arm kits( bushing wearing out mostly) so am leaning toward the spindle lift. So I ask what are the pro's and con's to these kits?

When I look at the wheels they say that they need an offset rim. Is there a standard offset?

With the cart as it sits will I need to upgrade the electrical system after a lift and tires are installed? I know more power is better and in due time there will be.

I hope to do the upgrades is the correct order so I an not disapointed or wishing I had more money. These upgrades will take me some time to do. Thinking maybe one upgrade every couple months or so.

Sorry for the long post, but I am hoping to make this a fun project and want to do it right the first time.

Thanks to all who read and can offer advice. I am looking forward to any input or suggestions. I know there are many thing to learn and cant wait to get into this.

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