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Default I took apart my front end today.

And it did not surprise me that every other bolt was loose. . Alright so i took everything apart and took some pics and I have a few questions. I am going to clean every part and paint it then put it back together. BTW I am not the one who put the front end together last and it was probably a LONG time ago when the lift was put on. lol. Please tell me if everything looks good and if theres any parts I need to put new. I am pretty sure I need a new front leaf spring.

I will put the questions on top of the pictures.


How do my shocks look? Do they need to be replaced?

Pretty dirty HUH? Well I took most of that apart as you can see in further pics. Also, I took i think its called the spindle off and the leaf spring stuff off and cleaned all that to be painted.

How does all that good stuff look?

Leaf spring GARBAGE?

All taken apart, How does that stuff look in there?

BTW, when I am going over a hill or just in general offroading or a curve or something my golf cart makes like a cracking sound. I was told it could be a broken weld but the more I hear it, the more it sounds like plastic or something. Where should I look for the thing that is making the sound and what could it be?

Thank you guys. Mike
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