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Default Re: New kid needs help with starter/generator

Tom, thanks for the reply, I really appreaciate it, but am a little lost with your answer. No cart, just a honda motor on my work bench with a Hitachi starter/generator mounted to start the motor with a belt drive. I think I have identified the started as a model GSB107 made between 1984 and 1996. I will ordered a voltage regulator just as soon as I can determine if the generator is producing sufficent voltage to charge a battery. I don't want to purchase a regulator only to find out the generator is not working properly. If the generator is not satisfactory, I'll just throw it away. Back to my problem. Can I just take a voltage reading directly (using a hand held volt meter) from the OB terminal on the generator? Will that produce a reliable reading? If so, I must be doing something wrong or the generator is shot, as I can't get any reading at all. Thanks again. Cyclebender
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