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Default Re: RXV Curtis Controller won't move

Originally Posted by usgicollector View Post
First have you ever used this programming station before?

Do you have the software to run this in your laptop computer?

If so, I would say it's not communicating with your laptop.

Something wrong with the EZGO cable or pins.
Oh yes, used it all the time on Club Cars and TXT 48. I just don't know anything about these RXV carts! Glad you pooped on here! From some of the other post I've read, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about these.
I just don't want to go throwing parts like controllers at it, and cost me and the customer a pile of money. Other than the brake, that's as far as my diagnostic abilities go with these things as far as a volt meter is concerned. Coil ohms are around 27, cart doesn't lunge anymore during the test. There was some slight wear on the shaft where the brake mounts, just kinda shiny. Have no clue where to start checking three wiring harness for corrosion, or anything like that. So far all looks good. It's a good looking cart that has been kept inside. 2012 model.
Thanks for the reply!

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