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Default Re: Are Ah needs the same?

if you like the higher capacity of good lead acid batteries why then would you go with the smaller lithium pack? If you do and decide you need more it's a much more expensive upgrade to do twice...

As VA said, 100 amp hours is the usual minimum. My pack is a smidge less at 94 so it's really close and I've loved it. But my pack is a custom build so my peak draw and continuous draw are not limited by a substandard BMS, it's limited by my cells and the traction cells I used can provide far more current than my cart needs.

After the conversion you may find that the ride is harsher after you lose 300+ pounds. I lowered the air pressure in my tires and I switched from HD springs to Dual Action springs. That made a HUGE difference. The only time I wish I still had HD springs is when I pull a heavy trailer.
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