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Default Re: EZGO works one day, and doesn't the next

Originally Posted by Cmartin2001 View Post
im a new guy to the forum so feel free to let what i say go in one ear and out the other but i have experience with a taylor dunn cart that we used as a maintenance vehicle. for months it would work intermittently . since it was a company vehicle we did minimal trouble shooting and just threw parts at it when we had time. we replaced batteries,cables,ignition,throttle pedal,motor. the cart had nearly been rebuilt short of the controller and solenoid and still had problems. you could take off out of the shop to go to a job and have to get pushed back. you could let off going around a turn and have no throttle when you push it down next. the culprit was the solenoid. it was a sealed unit. i had to drill out the rivets to actually see where the problem was but a control wire inside leading to the coil was broken but touching occasionally. maybe a continuity check while bumping the solenoid around might show theres an occasional open. or next time its not working push the pedal down and give the solenoid a tap and see if it takes off.
Thanks for the reply. I need all the help I can get. Unfortunately, the cart IS working this morning. I am getting 37 volts across the solenoid with the key on and the go pedal pressed slightly.

While I am waiting for it to stop working I am going to familiarize myself with the troubleshooting steps in the manual, and take some voltage readings.

I almost hope it is the solenoid because it looks easy to replace. I will try your suggestion also.

Thanks again.
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