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Default Re: Demonstrated Lightning

Motor resistance check was good, but I wanted to run it.

Since access to motor studs is pretty restricted, I didn't disconnect the wires from the motor. I disconnected them from the FR & metered each wire to it's A or S stud using a long sharp probe. Got about .04 ohms on each. Then I measured each wire to the motor case & still got around .04 ohms on each one so no A/S studs were shorted to the case. This process didn't take long & also checked out my wires. It was easier for me than going under the cart & dealing with the tight spaces.

After that I Used the thread titled "Series Motor Test", but did it using the disconnected FR wires & my car jumper cables. I bolted the A2 & S1 wires together for the test. After the previous "lightning" I was pretty thankful when the motor ran ok.

I've gotten some very good advice & direction from several guys on previous posts.
Seems a little quiet on this one...
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