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Default Re: 1988 36v marathon HOT battery

Just wanted to give everyone an update and say thanks for the help so far. I replaced another battery. And the hot cable has moved to a new location. And I'm assuming that all of these heat issues are caused by the oldest batteries. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere local with a good price on Trojans so I've been buying rural king gc2 for 139 each. I contacted plum quick and they wanted me to pull the motor and send them picture. So I did and unfortunately they do not offer an upgrade or a rebuild for my motor. So while I had it off I inspected and cleaned everything I could. There was 1 or 2 wraps of wire on the armature that were smashed in so I prayed them straight the best I could. After I reassembled everything I got the best drive I've had so far. I did notice 1 terminal was warm on an old battery, I noticed while in reverse its a bit herky jerky for lack of a better term until I'm full pedal and it smooths out just fine. Forward is smooth. The cart does sound like a vehicle from jetsons and I'm hoping that's just the new brushes. While driving my meter with alligator clips is showing around 37.6 before take off and around 32 while full speed. I checked the hot termal and that battery was dropping to around 3v while under load. It's finally starting to show some potential and speed. It seems very happy in gravel and on the road however I feel like I lose 5mph in short flat grass.
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