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Default Re: MCOR / Pedal Assembly Confusion Explained

Originally Posted by Sergio View Post
I saw that part number but was afraid of suggesting it, the description for the item says: Harness, Jumper, Mcor, Excel and IQ

If there are 2 versions of this adapter, one with resistors and one without, I could not tell by the description of the part #.

I saw that part number in both the 2009 & 2010 precedent IPL, no other part numbers are listed for the TPS to MCOR conversion in either catalog.

Is there a different part number for the adapter that goes into an IQ cart (supposedly without the resistors)?
There was a different adapter for the IQ car that didn't include any resistors, but I do not remember the part number. It's no longer available. The only one you can get is the one for Excel.
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