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Default Resistor coil and battery heat up with key off

Coil gets extremely hot and negative cable does too, with key on/off/ ignition harness pulled off even to the point when I hook the neg. cable to the battery to check the voltage, after about 2 minutes it begins to spark and melt.
G1 Yamaha 36v Electric 1984ish

A little background.
I purchased this cart on a whim for a project. No prior knowledge of electric motors or golf carts. I fell for a story I believe. I was told it sat up a long time, just needed batteries and tires and would run. And was told it was a 1994. (He was only 10 years off)
The motor was no longer marked A1,A2 etc. Iíve printed diagrams from the repair manuals Iíve found. Iíve wired this thing different ways according to different motor stud numbers.
Also purchased three 12v deep cycle marine batteries. Iím getting 36v of current the way itís currently wired. Itís possible itís wired wrong to the solenoids. Iíve been at it 3 weeks now. I replaced both WR solenoids with used OEMís.

Whether the key is on/off, rev or harness unplugged, I get heat and it continues until I remove the neg cable. I left it a couple minutes today to see what would happen and the neg at the battery post started sparking.

Would my incorrect wiring cause this or is there some type regulator itís missing?

I sure could use any advice or help please?
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