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Default Re: Need help with Carburetor adjustment

All I can say, is VALVE ADJUSTMENT, VALVE ADJUSTMENT, VALVE A-F@CKING-JUSTMENT!!! I can't believe that I didn't do this first thing when I got my cart. I was a little apprehensive because I never actually did a valve adjustment, but I followed the dummy proof instructions in the EZ-Go manual posted by Ruredy and fumbled around with the feeler gauge until I was happy. In any case, it was like a brand new cart engine! I can't believe what a difference it made! I was flooding the engine out like a madman previously and now it starts first time, every time!

I have a theory, the two inner valves (which I assume are the exhaust valves, somebody correct me if I'm wrong) were tight up against the cam lobes with almost no clearance, whereas the outside valves (intake I presume), where just slightly more than the recommended clearance of .004 (they were about .006). In either case, I adjusted all to .004 and what a freakin differance!! This should be the first think someone does if they by a used cart from a private party in addition to changing the oil and rear diff oil and changing the plugs and air filter if necessary.

Interestingly enough, the lock nuts on the MCI engine are 9mm not 10mm. It kind of made life tricky as my smallest wrench was a 10mm, but I got by with needle nose plyers and a 9mm socket.

Pics to come soon!
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