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Default 1999 TXT DCS w/Curtis controller will not move after being towed in run mode

We have a 1999 EzGo TXT (per the tag in the glove box which starts with J399) with DCS controls that has a Curtis PMC controller P/N 73144G06 (has had it for at least 14 years).

We had a family member in town who took it for "one last ride" out back and ran out of battery about 600' from the house.

My nephew took another golf cart out and towed it back to the house (about 600') without putting it into tow mode.

Since then, it will not move and the battery level indicator (which always glowed dimly when not in tow mode) only glows now when it is not in tow mode.

I went through the troubleshooting instructions at: specifically:
Here are my results:
Test 1 - Controller B+ had pack voltage (36.8V +/-0.2V)
Test 2 - Pin 10 had pack voltage (36.8V +/-0.2V)
Test 3 - Pin 9 had pack voltage (36.8V +/-0.2V)
Test 4 - Pin 5 had pack voltage (36.8V +/-0.2V) with the accelerator pedal depressed, but the solenoid did NOT click when the pedal was depressed, I could hear the switch by the pedal click as I pushed down the pedal, but that was all
Test 5 - Pin 7 had 0 volts
Test 6 - Pin 2 had 27.8V (expected 14-15VDC)
Test 7 - Pin 1 had 10.63V (expected 0.4-1.5V)

Does this mean that the controller and the inductive pickup for the pedal are bad, or is there something else I should do for troubleshooting before spending hundreds of dollars on a new controller?


Aaron Z
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