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Default Re: 1999 TXT DCS w/Curtis controller will not move after being towed in run mode

Originally Posted by ojo View Post
I would recommend a aftermarket Alltrax controller, fits out of the box and is fully adjustable by yourself with PC / Laptop. More speed / torque included!
Editing with a laptop would be great, but I don't want more speed/torque with kids (my kids and their cousins) driving it, this is already the fastest cart here (other than possibly my inlaw's 48V RXV), I might actually turn the top speed down a little.

I looked at the Alltrax and its triple the price of the Chinese Curtis and almost twice the price of the US Curtis, not seeing the value in spending that much more when I do not want to increase performance, just restore the same functionality and possibly make upgrading to 42v or 48v possible down the road.

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