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Default Re: 2 stroke ezgo sluggish at starting off

Hereís what I would do. But Iím impatient

Put the metal one under the flywheel. Thatís the one thatís a puta to change anyway. Stake it or loctite or whatever youíre comfortable with.

Order the second metal seal. Then put the rubber one under the clutch side. That one is easy to change, just pull the clutch and itís right there. I think youíd be fine with the rubber one personally, itís metal under the rubber coating and Iíve had lots of 2stroke motors use the coated crank seals like that with no problems. But worst case if it does fail, itís a 10 minute job to replace it. That gets you up and running and on the road again, and in all likelihood it will be fine. But prepared for worst case scenario
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