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Default Re: clutch tuning kits

Gawd... you guys!!!!

Welcome to BGW, Cueball910,

What BU won't tell you is that you can get your Club Car to idle,
Simply by removing 1 wire from a micro switch, and turning up your idle screw!
(My cart is setup to idle!... and it was FREE!)

If you want more speed, or torque out of your clutch(es), CALL Tom at Cart Parts Plus (Dixie Sales),
And, he can machine and add springs to your clutch(es) to your liking!
It'll be a little more expensive then the BU kit,
but, from what I understand, everybody (but 1 person) has been happy with the outcome!
I, myself, haven't had it done yet... but I'm going too!

(another "shameless plug" for CPP!)
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