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Default Re: Need a Ezgo manual or diagram?

ezgo has a serial number lookup

Bob-O wanted to point out a few mistakes made
"""E-Z-GO Freedom, First built in 1988 and included the lights.... That wasn't a car, the Freedom is a model package... you still get them today. For example, in 1988 you could buy a Marathon Freedom. The freedom package included Headlights and taillights, optional turn signals, optional top, optional brake lights and optional windsheild. The freedom "package" included Feedom HP, starting in 1993 (HP was the high speed gears).

E-Z-GO Fleet was first built in 1986 and is the common golf course model.... The "Fleet" model isn't really a common golf course model, as many courses have GPS systems now and hubcaps (wheel covers). The fleet model is really a golf car with nothing on it... no top, no wheel covers, no pinstripes <<< Those are all options added to the car. """
Thanks Bob
Ok so now i'm wondering what they do/done with all the fleet model carts they make
After checking on this it looks like Ezgo does indeed have the Freedom listed as a model, even though its based on the TXT the Freedom is listed as a model of its own. I found this out while trying to find info on its newest addition to the fleet, the ???

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