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Question 2014 RXV Fails

Good Evening,

I have a 2014 RXV that has been great for the first year of ownership. This year, its been nothing but trouble. The dealership place near me wants 800$ to pickup, troubleshoot and whatever is wrong with it so I have been trying to read the posts and figure it out.

Here is what happened. I parked it for the night and when I tried to use the next day, it would double click like normal but no click when you press the throttle. I reversed the 1/2/3/4 connectors to free the brake and move it out of the way.

I replaced the solenoid and the 7.5amp fuse that I found blown and its still not moving.

The tow switch does nothing when selected. The cart when in the run position does click 2 times from the solenoid when I move the key from off to Forward or Backwards but that's it.

Pack voltage is 49.3-50.4 tested with multimeter. (depends on charge level when tested)

I seems difficult to troubleshoot without a reader. Maybe that's what I need to do to figure this out once and for all.

I appreciate the assistance. I wish I had a trailer and a vehicle to tow it to the dealership but 800$ seems crazy just to see what's wrong with it.
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