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Default ezgo txt Rhox led replacement headlight GT-109L

Just wanted to share some info.
I mounted a rhox GT-109L onto a Yamaha cart and had to figure out the wires to splice into. couldn't find anything online to help.
so here are my findings:

White is ground
black is turn signals
gray with a male bullet terminal is low beam headlight
red is headlight high beam with the amber turn signals on low
also the gray with the female bullet is joined with the red as well. does the same function, headlight with ambers on low.

I cut the red loose from the turn signals and cut out the gray joining wire.
hooked red from headlight only up straight to my headlight switch for high beams headight only.

didn't use the red on the turn signal.
gray male bullet wire on the headlight i didnt use either.

black to each turn. i used left to yellow and black green for right turn on most wiring harnesses.

hope this helps someone
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