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Default Re: Need Help Determining Value of Cart/DCS/PDS etc...

Itís just an ezgo txt. There are no sub models on gas carts, except for the ST which have a different front cowl. the pds, dcs, etc are different drive systems of electric txtís.

Trig is right on the money. It looks well taken care ofÖ perhaps TOO well taken care of IMO. Most likely a golf cart flipper. Nothing wrong with that, if they do it right. But gotta be careful. Some cut corners, give it a fresh paint job, clean it up, maybe some new tires and lift kit (all of which are relatively cheap) without addressing underlying mechanical problems. Lipstick on a pig. I only bring this up because itís hard to tel due to fuzzy pictures, but there may be spray paint overspray on the drivers side black plastic trim along the bottom. But that may just fuzzy pictures.

Some will get it mechanically 100% before touching anything aesthetic.

If you can have someone who KNOWS carts (not your brother bobís neighbor whoís handy) it could make the difference between a great cart you and your family could enjoy for years to come, or a nightmare of constant problems nickel and diming you to death.
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