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Default Re: Yamaha governor bypass

Originally Posted by shawn.m View Post
been doing it for 30 years on everything motorized. put spark plug on block and crank it. how does that blow out to TCI?
Shawn..I have no doubts of your mechanical skills, My suggestion to use a spark tester is to save members possibly alot of money. Yamaha's from 1979 (G1's) thru 1995 (G14's) used a "CDI or TCI" electronic ignition sytem. It is based on open/closed ground. If by chance, when grounding a spark plug for a spark test and the spark "jumps or loses ground" It "can" and "has" many times damaged the "CDI/TCI" unit. There is no fix, just open your wallet and buy a new one. In 1996 Yamaha (G16) went to a "magneto" ignition and you can ground the plug to check for spark without damaging anything, but I still use a dynamic spark tester, it shows me a veriaty of things...the engine is running and it shows "spark strength/color and if spark is lost at some point". Hope this explains my suggestion alittle better. Dave
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