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Default Crank Bearing Installation 1984 2pg engine

I am rebuilding the engine in my 1984 Marathon. Have read the manual and searched many posts here. However, I still have a couple of questions.

1. What is the BEST method and sequence to install the crank bearings. The manual says install the bearings in the case first and then press the crank into the case.

Seems like it might work better to do bearings on crankshaft first, that way I could heat the bearings before I put on crank and then heat the case. I am scared to death about cracking that aluminum case with a press.

So, wow is the best/easiest/least risky way to install the bearings?

2. When the bearing goes into the flywheel side of the case, should it be flush? I heated the case and cooled the bearing and tapped in as far as I could without "beating", but bearing still sticks out a bit above the edge.
(if I need to, I can remove this bearing and install on the crank first).

3. Is permatex ultra grey the best seal for the gasket halves?
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