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Default No spark, readings from pick up coil but most are bad

Hey guys, got a question to ask here. I'm working on a 91 cc with a KF82 that has separate ignition coil and rev limit box. I got it with with a "not running" cause of parking it. Checked some things out and after replacing a bad starter relay, bad ignition coil, plug, swapping and cleaning out some micro switches, and bypassing the rev box, I've gotten the cart to turn over when you hit the gas pedal. Yay. I still have no spark. I did the tests that reast suggested on 5-27-08 and came up short on 2 out of 3 specs. Only got 35 Vac and 290 Ohms out of the exciter but 65 ohms from the white wire to ground. Should I just go ahead and replace the pick up coil?? I figured if I'm still getting power out of it, when I by pass the rev box I should at least see a little bit of spark right?? Or did it just grounding out and kill everything else in the ignition system?? I read on here that Kawasaki makes the same coil for like $7-12, which is PERFECTLY fine for me, the thing is I'd have to pull the flywheel which I'm told I basically have to drop the motor. Can someone help me out??
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