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Default Re: G1 Homade lift kit

It all depends on what you have in mind, your personal knowledge of suspension and steering geometry, and your personal fabrication skills. When doing a custom lift, anything is possible. Check out the members section or the lifted carts section. There's some seriously nice builds in there!

There's a wide selection of stainless brake lines, proportioning valves, and distribution blocks available on Amazon. IF you plan on using ATV suspension, you might get a better deal if you can buy an ATV with a blown up motor, or no motor at all. They're cheap (I have given 2 away for free now just to get them out of my yard) and you would have access to front control arms, brakes, hubs, etc. as you need. That would cost a lot less and be a lot more efficient than trying to source individual parts, and have to keep stopping because there's another bushing, part, bracket, etc. that you don't have and need before you can continue any further.
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