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Default Re: Replacement Muffler?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah, it is the exhaust. I have everything apart right now going through the top end and replacing the crank seals. The muffler is off and when I shake it, I hear stuff rattling around.

I have read about cutting the end cap off, completely cleaning out the body of the muffler, and welding the cap back on. I am going to go that route, I am not much of a welder, but I am great with a grinder. I would need to pay someone to weld the cap back on, but it would have to be cheaper than buying a new muffler.

The exhaust pressure determines how much oil is injected into the gas/oil mixture. From the SM:

In short, the frequency of plunger stroke
(the frequency of oil discharge) is in proportion
to the engine rpm, and the
plunger stroke (the discharge of oil) is
controlled according to the engine load
(the exhaust gas pressure).
This means
that the engine always receives an
optimum amount of oil.
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