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Default Winch Amps and Voltage Reducer? How many amps can I draw?

Hey guys, anyone have any thoughts here?

If I'm running a 48v to 12v reducer (30amps 400w Scottyb reducer, the blue one) and the winch (2000lb harbor freight) draws 106amps pulling 20001bs (max), can I ever pull 2000lbs or am I restricted to 30amps which would equal only 500lbs? I guess I'm a little unsure here about the voltage reducer and what its able to put out (restrictions)

i'm running 6 x 8V trogens in a exgo txt series cart.

According to the box specs:

2000 = 106 amp draw
1500 = 80 amp draw
1000 = 55 amp draw
500 = 30 amp draw
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