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Default PB-6 Pot specs

Can anyone verify, with 100% certainty, exactly what the spec is on the potentiometer inside of a Curtis PB-6?

I was shipped a cheap knock-off 0-5k. The controller being used is a 0-5V setup. I rewired the cheap knock-off to a 3 wire setup without realizing that the pot is actually like a 270 or 300 degree setup.

I am now being offered a PB-6 - but I need to be sure that I can wire it to work with a 0-5V setup.

This is all on a FSIP 51-42L700NNVS. Terminal 2 on the controller outputs ~5V. Terminal 3 needs to see the full 5v to recognize a full throttle situation.

Can I wire a PB6 like so:

Terminal 1 on the pot (high side)- Wire to terminal 2 on the Controller (this will feed the 5v into the pot.)
Terminal 2 on the pot (wiper)- Wire to terminal 3 on the Controller (this is what the Controller monitors for throttle input.)
Terminal 3 on the pot (low side)- Wire to battery pack ground.

Would doing the above give me 0v (open circuit) to terminal 3 on the controller in a 'no throttle' situation?

Also seems like if the pot was something like a 40-50 degree pot or something, it would allow a full 5v to pass at full throttle...? Since the pot in the cheap knock off is a 270 degree or something - I am only passing ~2v at full throttle at this point. Was hoping that the PB-6 would be the answer.

The seller seems to have absolutely no clue other than saying 'uhh... its a pot box'

HALP! :)
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