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Default Re: G1 help needed

If it's not pumping fuel, it's one of the following:

1. cracked fuel lines/vac line (leaking pressure)
2. fuel pump plugged (might be able to clean it out)
3. plugged fuel filter (replace)
4. weak pulse signal (bad vac line or bad compression)

If it's pumping good fuel, then it's likely a dirty carburator. Disassemble and clean thoroughly. I usually take them apart, soak the parts in hot soapy water for a while, then take out one by one and scrub with a tooth brush. Rinse well, and lay out to dry overnight on a towel, blow a fan on the parts, this will dry out faster. Don't use compressed air to blow out carbs. Reassemble. Make sure your float is set correctly per the manual.
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