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I have a 1986 EZ go gas powered golf cart that was running great.. until 2 weekends ago. I was told by a neighbor to replace the ignitor, solenoid and spark plug. I did that... but it still doesn't run. I should mention that the owner before me bypassed the switch under the floor mat, meaning that when I turn the key the engine sounds like it is on, even when i do NOT step on the gas. With that being said, when I step on the gas and pull the choke, the engine doesn't run... I can hear the starter spinning the engine, but I do not get a spark. The spark plug smells like gas, but I cannot figure out why I am not getting a spark...

The only other thing my neighbor said it "maybe you have a ground wire that is loose". I have been able to get a backfire but that is it...

Any and all help would be GREAT appreciated!!

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