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Default Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
This may or may not help, but every, and I mean EVERY piece of equipment that I've ever owned that had a Kohler engine in it was garbage. Even worse was Kohler's "Customer Service" which is nearly non-existent. I'm disappointed that CC went with then and agree with the previous poster. Kawasaki's were great-why did they mess with them??!?
Respectfully I have to disagree. I've had nothing but positive experiences with Kohler engines. I've had several mowers with them, my current is a gravely promaster 260Z with the Kohler command pro 27hp, and has over 2000 hours on the original motor. Fires up instantly, doesn't burn or leak a drop of oil. Zero issues at all, the only thing I've ever done to the motor is the upgrade kit for the ignition coils. Very common problem on Kohler motors but a cheap and easy fix.

I am a big fan of the Kawasaki FE motors, but to say kohler is garbage is a stretch... the FE motors dont make near the power of the Kohler in the onward and you have to eventually move on or you cant keep up with the competition
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