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Default Re: smoke, fire, explosion, 911, no more EZGO

Originally Posted by iaefebs View Post
cheapjeep see if you can't get more info from the neighbor. Was he a BGW member? Was the cart charging? Was he having any problems with it? Did he recently rewire it? How old were the batteries? Sorry to hear the bad news, but maybe something to be learned here.
I've asked those questions and am waiting a reply, no they are not BGW members. Fire department says the fire started from overheated batteries. Since it was in the day around 2pm with no one home, my guess is it was on the charger, I wonder if the batteries were dry and over heated on the charger. Fire department agrees that if it was in the garage the house would most likely have been a total loss, thank goodness it was in a shed. Apparently it had been burning for a bit, then the propane exploded and alerted the neighbor boy who was home sick, he looked outside saw fire and called 911.
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