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Default Re: Motor & Solenoid to hot to touch

Yurtle / JohnnieB, thanks for the help

1) The cart only thripped off twice, this was on the first run after the upgrade. So far, it has not stalled sense. The red light did blink before reset.
The problem I have with this is the cart has to be trust worthy before driving 3 miles into the woods and something go wrong.
2) The motor temp. is hot to point where you can hold your hand on it for a 10 seconds or so before unberable.
3) The controll cover has been modified, but not secured its just sitting in the battery bay.
4) Passengers are wife and 2 kids duing the summer time on flat ground and a somewhat hilly enviroment with the biggest deer I can shoot during the winter time. Terrain is slightly rough and at times muddy.
5) The package that was purchased from Scotty was #808 400 Amp controller, heavy duty solenoid with #4 cables.
6) The cart was purchased last year, batteries were said to be one year old at purchase. Cart is charged after every use, religiously. The charger is cheep but it has maintained.
The feedback received from Scotty is that there is and amperage problem. My tires are too big are the motor is not up to the task of the new controler. The problem I have with the tire theory is the cart made it threw hunting season all last year in snow mud & creeks without any issues. I upgraded to give the cart a little more get up and go.
If the motor is the problem, I have no problem changing it, just want to make sure this is the issue before kicking out more change.
Thanks again for the help.
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