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Default Re: Private Speed Mode 4 for $100

Given cookies and the internet an ad came up with your e-bay page selling the magnet. EXCELLENT write up on what is happening with this mod. Clicky

After reading it I see what I would be giving up is braking power going down hills.
'The regenerative motor braking becomes completely disabled when this magnet is installed and will allow you to "free-wheel" down hills.'

In the area I live in, that could be a safety issue. CC with their IQ system has given me an equivalent to a very expensive diesel Jake brake. Going down a steep washboard gravel road in a top heavy tippy LSV with only two small drum brakes does seem like a poor design. Might explain why CC did what they did in the case of a brake fade run-a-way or operator error.

I am very pleased that the ad told the whole story so a person can make an intelligent choice. Thank you.
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