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Default Re: Harbor Freight not selling 420cc clone?

Originally Posted by Goochy View Post

so what all does someone have to do to make this work in a 1999 Ez Go

Engine Plate mount
Thats less than $500.00
What other cost ?

I guess you take the factory gas tank off new engine and use stock gas tank ? What about starter ? Could someone do this with limited tools in a garage ? Is there a link to walk someone though this . I am new to carts and VERY lost . I have to have a engine soon , $1000 to rebuild stock 295cc , $1700.00 for NEW stock 11 hp 350cc with carb , header , and muffler , both turn key deals from dealer . I would love to save some cash and have a BIGGER engine !! Any thoughts ??
Here on the forum there is tons of threads about clone engine swaps. Just check the big block section. Some people buy the electric start versions and use the key to start and keep it running and some people wire up the factory start/gen so the new bigger engine starts and stops with the gas pedal.
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