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Default Re: E-Z-GO RXV Solenoid - 48 Volt Solenoid to Replace 36 Volt Solenoid...

Originally Posted by Role View Post
Even after installing another solenoid the problem continues. Turn the key on a jerk in the rear and then a constant beep. If I keep turning it on and off repeatedly it will eventually started working where I can select a gear and drive it.

Anyone suspect that the motor brake needs replacing?
Pack voltage at a resting state is 50.8. Cables and contacts are cleaned and have terminal protection cleaner on them.

If I flip into tow from run and select neutral wheels spin fine.
Flip from town to run and same thing jerks and just does a beep... Beep... Beep... Etc..

Plausible a 2013 ezgo RXV has a bad motor brake?
Absolutely could be. Pull the motor brake connector off and check the resistance of the motor brake coil with an ohm meter. It should be between 25 and 28 ohms. A loose connection or missing Run Plug under the cupholder can do the same thing.

Do you know anyone near you that has a handheld that can run a check for error messages? I have one, but I'm not familiar with what part of Mississippi that Madison is in. I have a new motor brake in my spare parts inventory.

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