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Default 1987 motor swap

I have a 1987 ezgo with a 244cc robins motor on it. I want to swap it out with a different motor. But the way this cart is set up I don't know how I am going to do it. The driven clutch does not run parallel with the cart. It runs side to side. So my problem is if I put a motor in it. It would have to have the output shaft on the right hand side of the motor and it would have to spin clockwise for the cart to go forward. Or I could put the motor be hide the axle. Then the out put shaft could be on the left side of the motor and it could spin counter clockwise. But that's a lot of work. I would have to build a hole new engine bracket. Or I could put a motor with a shaft that comes out the back side of the motor. Instead of a chain. I could take the shaft and engineer it to go on the shaft that the driven clutch goes on. But the shaft would have to spine clockwise. I rebuilt the original motor from top to bottom. Even a new crank. New carb. rebuilt fuel pump. Every thing on the inside of the motor is brand new. It runs excellent. It just don't go fast enough for me. I would say it goes maybe 20 mph. Has plenty of power. It will climb a hill great. So I need something faster. I would even be willing to trade it to some one with something faster.
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