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Default Re: Battle of the Clones Dyno run write-up (surprising)

You have a very valid point. However, when built they offer an extra layer of protection, and you dont need to run it at 7k constantly. There isnt much to these engines and by replacing all of the weak links, what else is there to fail?

Skipping to flywheels, I bought an ARC aluminum flywheel with the ring gear and it does free-rev noticably better, but it actually hurt the bottom end noticably and I cant say that I would want one on my cart, especially if I was off-roading it. Also, you have to idle them higher or they will die. The stock flywheel is strong and works best for our application, until I have one fail and fly apart, then I will continue to use them.

I should have a stack of stock 440 flywheels stacking up in the next few months, so if someone has one and it fails, pay for shipping and Ill give you one. I dont think it would be too difficult to engineer a stronger iron flywheel, but its not in the cards until I see a significant amount of failures.

Also, when you go aluminum, you lose the charging capabilities and the recoil starter....I rely on the recoil starter because my solenoids like to **** the bed every few weeks. You can keep the recoil starters with the RaceSeng flywheels, but they dont make one for the electric start models....

You can see where this is going!
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