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Default Re: Crank Bearing Installation 1984 2pg engine

Originally Posted by MICKEYMOTORMOUNT View Post
I used a heat gun. I heated the center of the bearing and it slid right onto the crankshaft. Once the bearings are installed on the crank, heat one crankcase side at a time and install crank with bearing into case half. Bearing slid right into case half. No pressing was ever necessary to install bearings into case or on crankshaft.

If you are using a torch, be sure to stay away from your newly installed seals. Rotate torch in a circular manner around the bearing bore. It doesn't have to be scorching hot to do the trick. Install bearings until fully seated in bearing bore.

You can always use an oven or, better yet, a bbq grill to do the heating as well.

Use something similar to Yamabond or Loctite anaerobic sealer. Definitely not silicone.
THANK YOU! Your method seems a lot easier than the manual. Had not thought about heat gun, will try that.
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