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Originally Posted by yawood View Post
Very good, might I suggest though that you make a point of plugging in your big charger (the one that came with the cart) regularly, say at least once every two months. The solar will only give a trickle charge but the batteries need a good heavy charge every so often to stir up the chemicals and to help clear the sulfate off the plates. The batteries will last a lot longer if you do this. ....
How many amps is a "good heavy charge"?
I thought the OEM charger and my Mod Max48 are 15A chargers which doesn't seem like a "heavy" charge.
I'm building a custom carport for our cart and it could easily handle 2 5'x3' solar panels on a side or a larger one on each side.
I've seen an 8A 48V Genasun solar charge controller that works with 350W of solar panels - controller and (2) panels = $550 .
Would this take twice as long to fully charge compared to a 15A charger?
Just looking at pros/cons.
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